Vroegâh was het web beter

Van de week linkte Reinier Ladan in zijn 82%-nieuwsbrief naar een Hacker News-reactie die ook bij mij een snaar raakte:

I remember being so excited as a kid when I started getting drawn into the computing age. I remember when the internet seemed like mankind’s next step forward. I remember being excited about so many new trends, social media, the age of everything being free on the internet.

Then, everyone else caught up. Now it’s just like watching television. A bunch of companies vying to get you to buy something at any cost, and taking that strategy further than they ever did before the internet.

Now, I just want to leave my phone at home and go ride my bike. I rarely feel like developing anything anymore, haven’t done a side project in over a year. Whenever I get motivated to do things like that I see shit like this and it just feels hopeless. There’s no way to defeat these companies, because they are full of people struggling to get ahead and doing their cog’s part in the machine that ultimately does this to us all."

Een herkenbaar gevoel. Online zijn is lang niet meer zo leuk als het was. Maar er zijn nog pareltjes te vinden, als je goed zoekt.

Toen kwam ik vandaag via Twitter bij een artikel over ‘The Future Of Social: Crowd-Sourcing And Artificial Intelligence’.

The next generation of Social Listening is fast approaching and will operate more nimbly. This new type of Listening will be able to to identify opportunities that would never have been included in a brand’s “listen to this” input. Brands want to find topics that are not yet trending, but that they could own if they moved fast enough.

Als je dat leest wil je toch zo snel mogelijk stoppen met sociale media?